Heritage Property

Saskatchewan 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties. Unless otherwise indicated, all properties listed below are Municipal Heritage Properties for which additonal details can be obtained from the Directory of Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property in Saskatchewan.

  1. Wilkie and District Historical Museum Site
  2. Ramsey Building (Wilkie)
  3. Bank of Commerce (Radisson)
  4. Borden Heritage Park Site
  5. Bone Trail (RM of Corman Park
  6. Moore's Ravine (RM of Grandview)
  7. Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Site (RM of Glenside)
  8. Notre Dame Convent (RM of Reford)
  9. Halcyonia School (RM of Great Bend)
  10. Big Rock Buffalo Rubbing Stone (RM of Buffalo)