Rural Municipalities

Links to those municipalities with their own websites are provided below. Contact information for all local governments can be found at Online Municipal Directory.

Community profiles for most municipalities in Saskatchewan can be found also be found at Saskbiz. In addition, check the Economic Development section of the website for profiles of municipalities in the constituency.

  1. RM of Corman Park Website
  2. RM of Vanscoy Profile
  3. R.M. of Perdue, #346
  4. R.M. of Biggar, #347
  5. R.M. of Grandview, #349
  6. R.M. of Eagle Creek, #376
  7. R.M. of Glenside #377
  8. R.M. of Rosemount #378
  9. R.M. of Reford #379
  10. RM of Great Bend Profile
  11. R.M. of Mayfield, #406
  12. R.M. of Buffalo, #409